Saturday, May 26, 2007

Past Blessing Show in Fairfield, WA

Well, Rose and I had a great time there especially when MaryJane and Carol stopped by our booth. Their visit was the highlight of our weekend! Two wonderful women who were definately worth the wait to meet.
That's me on the right working on the next basket at the Past Blessings Show.

That's me and MaryJane after she signed my book.

MaryJane, Rose and Carol.

Rose, MaryJane, Me and Carol. Aren't we a picturesque group?

Our chapter banner. It's hard to read the bottom. It says: You are never alone in the forest of sisters.

Of course, we had to stop at Pendleton Woolen Mills on the way home.

I got to ride Sir Woolliam at the Mill.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Here goes.....

Well, girls, here is what I've been doing. I only just started this after elk season 2006. The first 5 I made all went to my best friends for Christmas. They and my husband were the ones who convinced me to to keep making them. The baskets all seem to have a personality of their own. I really enjoy making them. Especially through a winter with no snow!

I have sold quite a few just here in town. Word gets around fast here. I now hope that someday my baskets and bowls will take off and be a nice retirement supplement. I have 2o or so years to go before I retire, so that should be enough time to catch on, huh? Or maybe it will get going well enough to pay for my daughter's college by the time she graduates. I'm dreaming, I know. Might as well dream big! It could happen.