Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Terri's family invited dd and I for Christmas. Actually, they said we were now adopted into the family and were expected to be at their house for breakfast and opening gifts and, of course, for supper later on. I really had nothing to exchange, and felt bad. They told me it didn't matter. I did remember that I had managed to get some of the apple butter and plum butter I had canned out of the house and I gave one of each to everybody.

It was a wonderful day. DD and I were told that everybody just shows up at Grandma and Grandpa's house first thing in the morning in pj's. So, we didn't get dressed and guess what? We were the only adults in pj's! Terri's sisters laughed and said we should know better than to listen to Terri! Must be a big family joke that we just weren't in on - at least not this year! Anyway, breakfast was soooo good. Savory ham, scrambled eggs, all kinds of fruit and the biggest, softest, tastiest cinnamon rolls I have ever had (I had to cut one in half). After everybody ate breakfast, we all went into the living room where the gifts were handed out. Actually, they were tossed out and I found myself ducking! It was such fun to watch all the kids open their gifts and just get so excited about everything they got. Other than a sister and two brothers on the other side of the country (who don't respond to letters or phone calls), I don't have any family left. I haven't been a part of a big Christmas gathering since I was little. I was just on cloud nine!

Then, they dragged out a big red bag and told all the kids that the dog had scared Santa and he dropped the bag and left. I thought that was too funny. There were also gifts for me and Felicia and they were just wonderful.

Terri and her sisters all got a copy of "Mamma Mia" which they all went to the theater to watch three times. They just love that movie. One of her sisters, opened hers up to find a little sticky note on it that said "slightly used". She goes "Moooom!" Her mom said she just couldn't help it; she had to watch it one more time before wrapping it up!

Christmas dinner was wonderful, too. Turkey, dressing, prime rib, mashies and gravy and every other trimming you can imagine and the best dinner rolls and coconut cream pie! They had other folks for dinner, too, and had set up 3 long tables in the living room. The dining room table was set with all the food and we dished up our plates buffet style. After supper, they popped "Mamma Mia" into the player and all of us women watched while the men all went out to the kitchen to talk. That movie is sooo funny! I loved it.

Felicia and I had such a wonderful Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for and so many friends to thank for it. God has been watching over us and all those near and far who have made our holiday so memorable - I thank you all!

It's A Work of Art!

My friend, Terri, and her daughter brought us this tree that they had cut down on their own property. Terri laughed when we got it into the house and said it looked straight when it was on the side of the hill! No matter! I can make that work. It will be a beautiful tree and it will really cheer up the house. Who says it has to be straight, anyway! My Buffalo Bills blanket covers the stand. Ok, it's not a Christmas theme, but at least it's mostly red!

All decked out with what we had. Rose had given us most of the ornaments and Terri had brought some, too. It almost looks like a bonsai but, bigger! It smells great in here and I love it. DD keeps laughing at it, but I think it will be a tree she will always remember with fondness. I plan to leave it up until after she heads back to school.

Farmgirl Cookie Exchange

So many different kinds of cookies! Rose held the exchange at her house. Terri and I made simple oatmeal cookies.

Ten of us gathered for this exchange and Rose had prepared munchies and sangria punch for us, too.

We had so much fun! Next year, Rose suggested we do an ornament exchange instead of cookies. That sounds like fun, too.

This is the other Terry (with a "y") who won the prize for best display of her cookies. Rose had gathered up several prizes for various things and I won a MaryJanesFarm Calendar! Woohoo!

Woman Power!

After spending 2 days holed up in a hotel room, my friend, Terri, invited me to stay with her until I found my own place. She is also in the middle of a divorce and so was building this carport by herself. She had put up the posts and main support beam and half of the roof supports when I got there. I helped her get the rest of the roof supports up.

Supports all up and now we had started nailing the wood on top of those to support the tin (which she didn't have yet). For now, the wood would be covered with large tarps to protect it from the weather until spring.

I'm a big-time wuss up high and so I used the step ladder while she used the higher ladder.

We actually had fun getting this done. It was snowing the whole time and colder than we had hoped for but, we laughed our way through it and got it done. Terri's brother and brother-in-law came up later and helped her to put the tarps on over the top of it. I didn't get a final picture, but it works wonderfully and now she has a place to park her vehicle and won't have to clean the snow off every day and work to thaw the doors in order to get in and go somewhere.

The power of women to do what needs to be done (with a little help from the guys)!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Starting over...

I haven't blogged in quite a while as my life has been in some turmoil and I'm just getting into a new groove. I left my alcoholic husband on Dec 6 and filed for divorce on the 8th. We had been married for 19 years. His drinking has been a problem for most of those 19 years. I had spent much of it forcing myself to love someone I didn't even like and who was incredibly mean when drinking. I had finally had enough. This was a very difficult decision for me. I am a staunch believer in marriage and all it stands for. While ending it seemed wrong, survival instincts took over and I fled.

So, while the divorce rages on, I am starting all over again. I have a place of my own, though I don't own this one. I have peace and tranquility. I have the ability and opportunity to put my talents and desire to help others into action. I feel rested, calm and my home now feels warm and inviting; a place I WANT to come home to every night.

I will be able to accomplish more on my sewing machine and more of my baskets and more gardening and more activities with community groups. I won't be tied up with serving someone who thinks that is the only reason I'm here and isn't happy with anything I do anyway.

So, onward and upward as my farmgirl friends have said. I can do wonderful things now for myself, my grown children, grandchildren, friends and community. I am looking forward to the me that has been kept down all these years.