Sunday, February 3, 2008

My babies are loving it...well, at least 2 of them are.

Cody (border collie) and Treu (bassett mix) really have a lot of fun in the snow. Cody is something of a ham. He loves the camera. I actually got Treu to sit still long enough to get a great head shot of him. He's so active and wiggly that it's very difficult to get him to sit still at all. Girlie Girl (pit bull) is thoroughly disgusted with the snow as you can tell by her expression. She looks like she's saying "I can't believe you made me come out in this for a picture. Hmmf".

Now that it's sign of spring yet.

I took these pictures yesterday. We got another 10" last night. The first photo is our chapter's "farmhouse". The next 3 photos are at Rose's house (dh is shoveling the front steps). The next 3 are at my house. My kitchen window is getting covered fast. It's really getting crazy with trying to find a place to throw all this stuff. The rest of the photos are around town. I took a walk yesterday while the sun was shining and really enjoyed soaking it in. We haven't seen much of the sun this winter. But when it does come out, it feels really good.