Sunday, January 18, 2009

Living Healthier - Day 8

I have been smoke free for 8 days. Well, for the most part. I have to admit I had two cigarettes within an hour one day as I was extremely upset. I know, excuses, excuses. But, I haven't had any more since so, I decided to not really count those. I am already beginning to feel better. While I've never had any real sinus issues, I have been plugged up every morning for years. Not anymore! I now wake up with clear sinuses and my mouth and throat aren't parched from breathing through my mouth half the night. I find this very encouraging and look forward to whatever other changes are coming.

Now, that my daughter has been back at college for a week, I'm just starting to adjust to the quiet. For the past week, up until today, I would stick a movie in the player and then go about whatever I was doing just to have some background noise. There is no cable in this house I'm staying in and I don't have a radio so, this was the only thing I could think of to do for noise. Didn't matter what movie or how many times I'd seen it; as long as it was playing. Living alone takes some getting used to but, it's better than the alternative.

Christmas Break Sleepover

I forgot all about these pictures that I took a week ago when my daughter had her sleepover with her best friends. They all took turns hosting a sleepover during the Christmas Break. We decided to celebrate 2 of the girls' birthdays as their birthdays were this month but, after they went back to school.

First, I made the chocolate cake. Seems that chocolate is a must with a bunch of girls. 'Scuse me - young women. I don't have any cake pans at the moment, but my biggest cast iron pan worked out beautifully.

I also didn't have any cake decorating equipment so I spelled out Happy Birthday with almonds. They loved it.

I also made them a pizza which they promptly devoured. My daughter says they can't make pizza like mine at college. That's good. I'd hate to think some institution could out-do my cooking! The girls were up until sometime between 4:30 and 5 am. So, I got a great opportunity to get them while they were sleeping. Ha!

So, I made them french toast and bacon for brunch. It was a lot of fun having them all here. I just love listening to them discuss their favorite bands and their unattainable heartthrobs and the latest movies and books they've seen and read. Such silly stuff that speaks of those days we all left behind when we graduated and started careers and families.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a Brand New Year!

Well, lots of changes and new things in store for me this year. First, I cut 20 1/2" off my hair. It was time for a change. Hair that long gets to be really bothersome after a while. I couldn't sleep unless I braided it before bed or it would all be in my face. Actually, my hair was braided most of the time just to keep it out of my way.

After taking this picture, I've also decided that I at least need some foundation. Ugh! I called my friend, Terri (you know the one who built the carport herself?), who just happens to be a Mary Kay person and she's going to do a make-over on Sunday. All I really want is to hide the blotchy-ness. Can't do anything about the sagging, but I can at least improve my color.

Then this morning, I started the Welbutrin to help me quit smoking. I'm fairly healthy in that I eat well and walk/hike a lot (even in winter), and want to go the next step and get rid of the tar and nicotine (and whatever other chemicals are in them) that I know are holding me back in my efforts to live well. Now, that I no longer live with a smoker and most of my friends are non smokers, this should be MUCH easier than past attempts (I lost count of how many).

So, onward and upward, my friends! A toast (with orgainic milk) to good health, good times and good friends!