Monday, May 21, 2007

Here goes.....

Well, girls, here is what I've been doing. I only just started this after elk season 2006. The first 5 I made all went to my best friends for Christmas. They and my husband were the ones who convinced me to to keep making them. The baskets all seem to have a personality of their own. I really enjoy making them. Especially through a winter with no snow!

I have sold quite a few just here in town. Word gets around fast here. I now hope that someday my baskets and bowls will take off and be a nice retirement supplement. I have 2o or so years to go before I retire, so that should be enough time to catch on, huh? Or maybe it will get going well enough to pay for my daughter's college by the time she graduates. I'm dreaming, I know. Might as well dream big! It could happen.


Nancy Jo said...

I just love your baskets!!! What a talent to be able to do that. Are you going to sell them on your Blog?
Where in western NY did you come from. That is where I'am from.
Congrats on starting your blog, I love doing mine, so have fun with it.

Alee said...

Great baskets and gourds! I am sure they will catch on! You should make and Esty website as well!

Day4plus said...

Good job, Lisa. I am glad we get to see what you do. I also am glad you decided to FINALLY get a blog going. It is lots of fun. Mary

Lisa Marie said...

Nancyjo, I didn't know I COULD sell through a blog. But that is a great idea.
I was born in Buffalo, we moved to Newfane when I was 11. As an adult, I lived in Lockport, Gasport, Middleport and Niagara Falls.
I always felt that I belonged in the Mountain West. I still can't explain why but even as a young child, I drew pictures of mountains and would tell my grandma that I would live there one day. The mountains have always pulled at me.
I have been out here since '95 and could not be more content. This place feels like home.

Denise S. said...

Your baskets are just awesome Lisa. The mountains and out west are the place to be. Something for everyone out here.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Those are beautiful. Wish I could do something that talented. Have a good one.

Candy Duell said...

Your baskets are wonderful. Your very talented. I am sure they will catch on, I had a book on basketmaking, now I am wondering where it is. Again! beautiful!

Beemoosie said...

Great job on your blog and your lovely baskets!!! I agree, you must start selling them! I am a WNYer too!