Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Anniversary Trip to Stanley, ID

Here are some photos of our Anniversary trip to Lowman and Stanley this past weekend. We had a great time. The weather was perfect and fishing was good. This was our 18th anniversary.

Photos of my dh fishing in the various streams.

This chipmunk decided to get up on this stump with my baskets while we were down at the creek photographing another basket. When we came back up the bank; there he was.

Isn't he just soooo cute?

This is one of the firefighter helicopters. We were fishing in this creek at Grandjean on Saturday when he flew in to pick up water. This chopper was HUGE. It only took about 20 seconds for him to fill up through the hose hanging underneath. The fire they are fighting is about 4 miles from Grandjean. Fortunately, for us, the winds kept the smoke going in the other direction.

Young cow elk ran out in the road in front of us on the way to Stanley Sunday morning.

Photos of the Sawtooth Range just outside Stanley early Sunday morning. Breathtaking. I absolutely love roaming around this range.

Stanley Lake. It's as quiet and serene as it looks. Great meditation place. Loons, ducks and cranes live here.

One of my catch for the weekend.

One of dh fish. He actually out-fished me this weekend (20-10).

Waterfall in Clear Creek at Lowman. Only caught bullheads here.

Well, that was our trip. We sure enjoyed ourselves but it was nice to get back to our comfy bed at home.

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