Sunday, May 18, 2008

My 45th birthday present!

My wonderful husband brought this old hay wagon/freighter home for me today (my birthday's not til the 23rd) while I was over working in the Farmgirl's Garden. I usually get mad at him when he gives me a gift early but, I couldn't get mad this time - I guess he couldn't really hide it.

He got it in a trade for some work he did and plus an old wood stove. It's been fitted with steps off the back and heavy duty hoops over the top for a canvas. He thought I might like to use it during our Farmgirl's Market each month as we could have a "shop on wheels" since it has benches in it to display things and when we get a canvas for the top, it would protect all of our hand-mades from rain and sun exposure with a definite farm flair. Also, we all could ride in it for the 4th of July Parade. Oh, and he wants to paint Mountain Farmgirls of Idaho City on the side. Great ideas, Honey! I love it.


madrekarin said...

Wow. Is your hubby tuned in to what you like or what?! That is so cool. Happy early birthday to you!

GardenGoose said...

cool gift!happy birthday!

Brenda Hyde said...

Oh my! I LOVE that wagon. That is the coolest gift! What a good job your hubby did picking out a gift:)