Sunday, July 27, 2008

I finally got to go shopping!

One of our neighbors on the next street over had a yard sale and I got some really cool stuff! I got this really pretty green apron.

And this pretty Christmas apron...

And this pretty pink and peach apron.

This beautifully embroidered strawberry tablecloth

This great cut-work daisy tablecloth which I'm hoping to make into an apron following the directions in MaryJane's Magazine.

This is a closeup of the daisies. Closeups don't seem to work out very well; it's a little blurry.

This was the best prize! I didn't actually get this at the yard sale. We went to a little antique shop that's right near the house with the yard sale. She sold it to us for half price! I've always wanted one of these butter churns but they were always priced out of reach for me and/or they were missing paddles. And they were all the quart sized ones. This one holds a gallon. I will be using it tonight.

This is a closeup of the top. I can't find a manufacturer's name on it anywhere nor can I find a patent date or anything. If anybody knows anything about this kind of butter churn, please let me know. I'm curious as to where and when it was made.

Closeup of the paddles. Aren't they in great shape?

Back at the yard sale...I got this neat old snap press. This will come in handy for so many projects that I have in mind.

I also got a large bag full of notions and 8 large pieces of fabric in lots of different colors and patterns. I got a roll of wallpaper border of a clothesline with patched jeans, colonial flags, braided rugs, aprons, quilts and socks hanging from it and wicker laundry baskets and baskets of sunflowers under it. It's a really cool farmgirl-like border. I don't know yet what I'm going to do with it, but I just couldn't pass it up. I don't have a laundry room; the machines are in the kitchen. Anybody have any ideas?


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Kim and Dean said...

What a score with the butter churn!! I have wanted one of those for years. Great find with the aprons too.