Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voicing my political opinions

I have thought about this all day. Should I or shouldn't I speak my mind on my blog? Well, it IS my blog and we should all feel free to speak our minds, right? So be it. I voted for Barack Obama. If this bothers you, please don't read any more and please don't leave me nasty messages. I have many friends who are staunch Republicans and I listen to their opinions and believe they have the right to voice them just as I do. They are very dear friends and I love them even if we don't agree on political ideologies.

Now, to what is really on my mind. I am so proud of our country right now. I have seen the worst in people in regard to prejudice and bigotry. This election is the biggest proof of the change in our nation's social thinking. I shed happy tears last night when they announced the new President of the United States of America. I felt such overwhelming joy that our nation is finally evolving into a better frame of thinking. What an incredible, historic moment for this country. I not only lived long enough to witness it, but I was able to take part in it! I realize that most of those who voted for Obama are younger voters which means that someday, when they raise children of their own they, too, will have evolved social views of people. Will this be the new Age of Enlightenment? I certainly hope so.

The other part of this that makes me so happy is that I don't believe that the old-school way of doing things works anymore. John McCain, while a very nice man and should be honored for his outstanding service to this country, is very old-school. Our country has changed, the economy has changed, the way industries conduct business has changed, the world has changed. The old ideologies no longer produce the intended outcomes. They just don't work anymore. You know the old saying "If you keep doing the same thing the same way, you can expect the same result"? Well, it applies here, too. President-elect Obama has fresh, new ideas. He has a great, energizing, inspiring spirit. He's extremely sharp and a wonderful speaker. He also has a great temperament that I think will work in our favor when it comes time for diplomacy. If the old way doesn't work anymore, why not try something new? Shake things up a bit and hopefully turn things around.

I realize that things could quite possibly get much worse before it gets better and Obama has one hard, hard job ahead of him. Our country doesn't just have one or two serious problems, it has a dozen or more that need immediate attention and I don't envy anyone taking this on. But, I hope and pray that our country can get back on track soon and that Obama has a productive and safe term as President.

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electricdunce said...

Well said. i too voted for Barack Obama, in hopes for a change in many areas in this country. I have been clinically depressed for years, and I swear, my mood had been uplifted by the outcome of this election. It is such a horrible job, but I feel things can only get a bit better when the old guard steps down.