Saturday, December 27, 2008

Woman Power!

After spending 2 days holed up in a hotel room, my friend, Terri, invited me to stay with her until I found my own place. She is also in the middle of a divorce and so was building this carport by herself. She had put up the posts and main support beam and half of the roof supports when I got there. I helped her get the rest of the roof supports up.

Supports all up and now we had started nailing the wood on top of those to support the tin (which she didn't have yet). For now, the wood would be covered with large tarps to protect it from the weather until spring.

I'm a big-time wuss up high and so I used the step ladder while she used the higher ladder.

We actually had fun getting this done. It was snowing the whole time and colder than we had hoped for but, we laughed our way through it and got it done. Terri's brother and brother-in-law came up later and helped her to put the tarps on over the top of it. I didn't get a final picture, but it works wonderfully and now she has a place to park her vehicle and won't have to clean the snow off every day and work to thaw the doors in order to get in and go somewhere.

The power of women to do what needs to be done (with a little help from the guys)!

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