Friday, December 21, 2007

My sewing projects

I made this apron for my daughter in law for Christmas. I got the idea from a craft fair and I felt Jamie really needed an apron. Being so young, I'm hoping she really likes it. My daughter thinks she will.

I made 2 more with different colored fabrics and lace; one with blue jeans and one with black jeans. I gave one to a co-worker for Christmas and I gave the other to my boss who had lost all of her aprons (she had quite a few) in a house fire last year. She kept asking my friend, Rose, if she was making any for sale. And had she made any for sale yet? And will she have any at the next sale she sets up for? So, I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to make her one too.

This is my farm girl badge. I embroidered the whole thing. The pictures I took didn't come out very clear. I embroidered "Idaho City" at the top. "2007", the year I joined the sisterhood, on the left. "#35", my sisterhood number, on the right. "Mountain Farmgirls Chapter" around the bottom.

I thought about putting lace and pearls around the outside of the badge, but it just made it too big and a little too fu-fu for a denim jacket that I wear in the yard and garden and for firewood and such. I would just end up ruining such embellishments. So, this works for me. This badge is on the upper left front. I already had my alma mater patch on the right. I'm really looking forward to earning more patches!