Friday, January 11, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Early morning photos of the back yard. The trees are technically in the neighbor's yard, but we get to enjoy them since they are so close. The twig arbor is the entrance to my veggie garden. The sign on the gate says "there will be peas in the valley". The weight of the snow is twisting it quite a bit. I may have to do repairs in the spring. That's ok, twigs are free!

Girlie Girl is not too sure she wants to venture out too far. She's not too thrilled about the snow and cold. She's my pit bull and her hair is pretty thin. She just turned 11.
The picture on the right below is from the front porch facing North. The small structure on the right is the old schoolmarm's cabin built sometime in the 1860's.

My hubby shoveling the walkway between the side porch and the driveway. The snow is coming down hard again. I accidentally got the ladder in this shot. We had it up to get the snow off the roof. It just wasn't sliding this year. Across the street behind him is the Prospector Motel.

This is our neighbor's dog, Rowdy. He's just a pup; not even a year old yet. He's really enjoying the deep snow; he can see everybody over the fence now.

This is the view of part of the front yard through my kitchen window. My culinary and medicinal herb garden will be in this area. That's a four foot fence and normally, I can walk under those branches without ducking. No short jokes, please.

My hubby on the roof of the woodshed/garden shed in the back yard. The snow wouldn't slide off this roof either, so we had no choice but to get up there and shovel it off. It was very heavy with a couple inches of ice at the bottom. That apple tree he's under really needs a trimming. That tree is ancient. There are many apple trees around town that old. The story is that the Chinese had planted them along with plum trees. There is no shortage of apples or plums around here.

This is the aspen in the front yard. That same pine tree with the branches laying on the fence is behind it. That's an old plow on the left of the tree.

A close-up of the aspen where the bird feeder is hanging. It has over a foot of snow on it's roof.

These are our other two dogs, Cody, the Border Collie and Treu, my daughter's Blue Healer/Border Collie/Bassett Hound mix. We joke and tell people we have a Blue Border Hound. He basically looks like a Bassett Hound with some Border Collie markings. He has the brains of a Bassett but the energy of the Border Collie. Treu and Cody are best friends. Cody took him in like a new baby brother when Treu joined our family. We were kind of surprised but Cody really needed somebody closer to his age to play with. Cody is almost 3 now. Treu will be a year old this summer.

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