Saturday, October 11, 2008

Muley's October Festival

Here I am, 13 degrees outside with some of my chef-style aprons. My denim-butt aprons are hanging behind and beside me, but the lighting is bad under the tent. I had my baskets on the other side that you can't see. I sewed ties onto 3 king size sheets to tie up for walls to block the wind. It helped a lot.

This poor lady was so cold. She was selling calendars.

This cute little guy was the model for doggie blankets that his mom had made. She was also selling hand made tote bags and patchwork chef-style aprons. They were all very pretty.

These aprons were made by another lady. She had some great camo aprons, some with lace. The one apron in the middle has shiny pumpkins all over it. It was really cute.

The tea towels were really nice and were made by the camo lady's friend.

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association was there conducting a competition. The little gal in the white hat had recently won the state championship. She was pretty fast.

Now, these guys are quite the crack-ups. They offered to give me free advertising by wearing my aprons. Aren't they cute? They are both shooters in the competition. The big guy on the left is the dad of that state championship gal.

They even competed while wearing them. You should have heard the other cowboys giving them guff over it! It was all in fun and everybody was laughing.

Muley's was selling his coffee, tea, breakfast burritos and muffins. Diamond Lil's was there selling bbq chicken and bbq pork sandwiches and beer. Another local was there with his premium hotdogs. Three bands were there to play in the big army tent that was right behind me. I didn't sell a thing, but it was fun anyway.

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FrumsGlass said...

Oh want fun! Love those apron wearing cowboys. Your aprons are great too!