Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our New Outpost on Wheels

A friend of my hubby's just bought a bigger, newer camper and wanted to unload this one in a hurry and offered it to us. It's a 1976 Wilderness. I don't really care how old it is. It's in such great shape. It's obvious he took really good care of it. Nothing is banged up on the inside or outside. The upholstery is in perfect shape. The table and counters don't even have a scratch on them. It almost looks like he never used it. This is a view of the back. He had put that black cage thing on the back to hold a dirt bike, but it could be used for a variety of other things.

The view from the front. I haven't opened the storm cover yet.
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This is the bed with another bunk above it meant for young kids, he said. He even left the comforter on the bed.

This is the kitchen area. Isn't that a cute little stove and sink? I'm not a big fan of yellow and orange, so I'll be making new curtains for it. Maybe lace! Or some pretty fabric with lace embellishments! Oh, the ideas going through my head right now!

The dining area is in absolute mint condition. You would think that with use, the cushions would be worn or the table scratched up, but they are just perfect. Except for the color! New curtains for this section, too. What to do to the table? I'm not sure what will work for that other than to keep a table cloth on it. The table and benches make into another double bed and another bunk above, again for small kids. Maybe we'll take the kids and grands camping next year!

This is the shower curtain in the cutest little bathroom. Blue butterflies. I actually like the shower curtain, although it's a bit too long and makes it bunch up instead of hanging straight. But I can easily just trim off the bottom as it's just a plastic curtain.

Here is the cute little sink and counter in the bathroom. It even has a window in it! Our bathroom in the house doesn't even have a window.

Maybe this is tacky, but I just thought this little throne was cute, too! I think I"ll make a seat cover for it.

It even has a cute little fridge!

Everything about this camper is so cute. Can you tell I've never had one before? I've only stepped into a few that other folks owned. I just think it's adorable and can hardly wait to play with the decorating part. I'm almost done with my weekend project of cleaning out the back room. When I finish that I'll start looking around the house for stuff to take out there. I'm so glad this is a 3 day weekend!

It's already been winterized (coolant run through the plumbing) so we won't be taking it anywhere this year or we'd have to winterize it all over again. But next year, we plan to take it and the dogs up to our hunting area and not come home for 10 days! Oh, we'll be able to take it to farm fair, too! Oh, and while it sits here, the kids can stay in it when they come to visit and they'll have privacy that way. Oh, and on our anniversaries, we won't have to pay for a hotel room anymore. We can take our home AND our dogs with us! This is going to be so much fun! Oh, and dh says that if the sh-- hits the fan, we'll just hook up and head deeper into the mountains! haha


Lainey said...

That is awesome! Congrats! I'd like to get one too. I love to take little trips about and take our dog Lizzie, but sometimes it's hard to find a place where she can stay. I'm happy for you!

Ruth said...

I love the new outpost. How cute it is.
It looks like you had a great craft festival. The ones around here have not been too good lately. More flea market type booths than craft booths. I love the embroidery tea towels.
I can't believe you had snow already!!

happymama58 said...

I've been looking for a vintage Shasta or Scotty camper for months, so I really enjoyed reading about your experience. I'm planning to scrapbook and do other crafts in mine, go on adventures with my husband and/or kids and/or friends and my puppy. Enjoy!

downbranchroad said...

got to bring that "outpost" and come to KY to see us. I live about 25 miles from Laura we could have a ball!! Or shoot leave that "outpost" and fly out. We will put you up or make a outpost for a gurlfren weekend.